Newfoundland Bird Watching Boat Tour

St. John's seabirdsWatch Cormorants, Shearwaters, Terns, Kittiwakes, & more

The Molly Bawn
boat tour
is the best way to experience the vibrant wildlife of the Atlantic Ocean, just 40 mins from
St. John's
. Every tour is a great opportunity to see
up close, including puffins,
bald eagles
, and much more.

Atlantic Murres

About puffinsAtlantic Seabirds

There's a thriving ecosystem of seabirds that you'll see on our
boat tour
. Watch bald eagles, puffins, shearwaters, cormorants, kittiwakes, and much more.

Atlantic seabirds nest on tiny islands at the edges of the Atlantic Ocean. They soar through the air looking for small fish below, and dive into the water with tremendous speed.

Our boat tour travels to remarkable bird colonies, with thousands of seabirds flying all around the boat.

(Photo by Jeannine Winkel)

Newfoundland bird boat tourTour details

Approximately 1 hour, and 15 minutes

Adult: $50 Under 16: $45 Senior: $45 Children under 5: Free Private rental: $450

Tours include the chance for:
  • Puffin boat tour
  • Whale watching
  • Iceberg boat tour
(depending on the season)

St John boat tour review5-star rating on Trip Advisor

A boat tour like no other

Experience 10,000 year old

Icebergs up close

. See Icebergs
There's no other experience like

Whales breaching

right before your eyes. Whale watching

Tours include puffin watching

, taking you up close to Newfoundland's exotic wildlife. Puffin tours